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an independent analytical laboratory that provides a full agricultural testing service.

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SANAS Accredited Testing Laboratory

Bemlab is a SANAS Accredited Testing Laboratory in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025:2017, for chemical analyses of soil, leaves, fruit and water, as well as for microbiology on water and fruit. For a scope of the accredited tests see Certificate of Accreditation

Soil Analysis

The most important advantage of soil analysis is probably the ability to monitor changes in soil fertility in order to apply corrective action before nutritional stress occurs.

water Analysis

The availability of clean, fresh water is one of the most important issues facing South Africa today and will be increasingly critical for the future, as growing demands outstrip supplies and pollution continues to contaminate rivers, lakes and streams.

Leaf Analysis

The aim of plant analysis (leaves, fruit etc.) is to relate the mineral content of the plant or part with its physical appearance, growth rate and yield or quality of the harvested product.  

Fruit Analysis

The position and size of fruit on the tree has a great influence on the composition and quality.  Normally the fruit inside the tree is usually of a poorer quality.  The reason for the analysis must therefore be clear because it influences the sampling.

Compost Analysis

Compost contains a full spectrum of essential nutrients for plant growth. Although Compost is not a fertilizer, it is a growing media when used as an amendment to existing soil intended to improve the overall fertility and tilth of the soil.

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