Water Analysis

The availability of clean, fresh water is one of the most important issues facing South Africa today and will be increasingly critical for the future, as growing demands outstrip supplies and pollution continues to contaminate rivers, lakes and streams.

Water systems should be monitored at a frequency that is sufficient to ensure that systems are under control and continue to produce water of an acceptable quality.

Bemlab offers both microbiological; as well as chemical analyses of water.

Water Analysis

The water test profiles are grouped into the following categories:

    • Drinking water
    • Irrigation water
    • Effluent water

These test profiles comply with all regulatory test requirements. All analyses are done according to ISO/IEC 17025 standard and the testing laboratories are South African National Accreditation System (SANAS) accredited. Our national infrastructure provides for the most demanding challenges to protect specimen integrity, allowing rapid test turnaround times at competitive prices. With our test reporting format we strive to give information, rather than just test data.

With microbiological testing, we refer to micro organisms in water. Since it is difficult and costly to detect these pathogens, it is common practice to use microbiological indicators as an indicator of recent faecal pollution and the potential risk of infectious diseases from the water.

Chemical quality refers to the nature and concentration of dissolved substances such  as salts, metals and organic chemicals. Many chemical substances in water are  essential as part of the daily intake required, but at high concentrations they make  water unpalatable and cause illnesses. Physical quality of water refers to water quality properties that may be determined by physical methods such as conductivity, pH and turbidity measurements. The physical quality mainly affects the aesthetic quality of water (taste, odour and appearance).

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